Water Leak

Water Leak

Water can cause considerable damage, both inside and outside a house. Indeed, the pressure in the pipes is so high that, as a rule, a basement can flood in a few minutes. The consequences of a leak can therefore be catastrophic. In addition to causing excessive costs, a water leak can also cause a lot of moisture and mould, which can be very harmful to human health. Plumbing is a specialty in itself. That’s why it’s best to call technical specialists, such as those at Pure Plomberie, who can solve your water leakage problems in no time.

Warning signs


A water leak can be detected by a hissing sound near a pipe, the appearance of a muddy area, or by bright green grass in a certain spot. But one specific way to check a leak is to monitor the water meter. Is it still running, even if the main valve is turned off? If so, the leak is probably outside. If, on the contrary, the meter is stable, the leak is in the house.


What to do


When you notice a water leak, consider following these tips, which will greatly limit the damage.


  1. Turn off the water. This simple action should already give you a good helping hand. If turning off the tap, dishwasher, toilet or washing machine valve is not enough, go directly to the source: turn off the main water supply. It should be in the basement or garage.
  2. Try to detect the origin of the leak.
  3. Call Pure Plomberie. Our team is ready to respond to your emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a guarantee of quality, the CAA Habitation recommendation should convince you that this is the right team for you. Our team is ready to respond to your emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What not to do


In the event of a water leak, it is very important never to dig to locate it, as this could be dangerous and expensive. Do not attempt to repair a leak in the toilet or the water heater yourself, you may cause more damage. Finally, by having the repairs done by a plumbing expert, you can be sure that the work will be done properly.


There are water leak detection systems that can be installed on the main water supply. They greatly limit the damage. By doing so, they will notify you in case of a leak and automatically shut the water pipes. Ask your Pure Plomberie technician for more information.

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