Replacement of the Hot Water Tank

Replacement of the Hot Water tank (water heater)

The water heater is a critical element of the proper functioning of any building. You will have guessed it, it is the one that allows us to shower and wash dishes, among other things. However, in a house, the circulation and maintenance of hot water is provided by a device, the water heater. Inside is an energy source (electricity, gas, oil, heat pump, thermodynamics or solar energy) that heats water on demand, this is the most common type of water heater in our country.


As you can imagine, the water heater has a more or less fixed lifetime: 7-8 years is the new norm. How will you know if it needs to be replaced? Here are some signs to watch out for:


  • Check the date of manufacture, located on a small descriptive plate on the device.
  • A failed heating element.
  • Do you feel or see a little moisture at the base of your water heater? if the water heater has rust.
  • Finally, if your water heater lets out a little water, don’t wait any longer, have it replaced immediately before a flood occurs.


Why hire an expert to change your water heater?

Replacing a water heater is no small task. Not only is this type of unit large and heavy, but it is not easy to carry by yourself, especially since it should never be horizontal! Here are some other reasons that should convince you to call on an expert:


    • Pure Plumbing technicians know how to handle this equipment. You will therefore avoid the risk of injury by letting them do it for you.
    • By entrusting the task to a professional, you will have all the peace of mind you need to enjoy your hot water at will, without any further complications.
    • The plumber will have to perform risky manipulations to connect your electrical and plumbing systems to the water heater, which can pose a threat to people who are less knowledgeable in this field.


Don’t hesitate to call on the Pure Plomberie team to replace your water heater. You will obtain a quality work in timely manner followed by excellent customer service.

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