Drain Unclogging

Drain Repairs and Unclogging

Things can happen in our drains that we wouldn’t even dare to imagine. One thing is certain, clogged pipes or drains never bode well. Here are some of the ways Pure Plomberie experts can explore your pipes to solve the various problems.


Bad smells are often the precursor to major plumbing problems. First, the observation of a blocked drain or pipe must lead to concrete and immediate actions on your part:


  1. First, stop using water. This will prevent further clogging of the pipes.
  2. Then, immediately contact our experts who will hurry to the scene to assess the situation and, if possible, resolve the problem in due course.
  3. Third, if applicable, empty the flooded fixture by pouring the water into a tight and large enough container. You will throw the water away later, once the repairs are done.
  4. Finally, check to see if the ground floor toilets are working normally, to keep sewer water from backing up in the basement. If this is the case, the pipes outside the house are not involved.

A professional drain unclogging

There are several techniques and ways to inspect where you can’t see. Some of these specialties, combined, can be both ecological and economical when used together in the same intervention.


  • Clearing drains and sewers
  • Camera inspection
  • Water pressure cleaning
  • Thawing of pipes
  • Suction pumping

Nowadays, with the appropriate equipment and the necessary expertise, our plumbing specialists can clean, repair drains and sewers. These are some examples where a plumber’s expertise is not only necessary but can provide you with a service by solving problems once and for all. After all, plumbing specialists like those at Pure Plomberie have the knowledge, tools and know-how to repair breakages and fix pipe situations.


In the end, remember that it is better to call in an expert and pay a few extra dollars to avoid damaging your pipes, which can be much more expensive than a plumber’s visit.

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