Drain and Water main replacement and repairs

Drain and Water main repairs

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Things can happen in our drains that we wouldn’t even dare to imagine. One thing is certain, clogged pipes or drains never bode well. Here are some of the ways Pure Plomberie experts can explore your pipes to solve the various problems.


Bad odors generally lead you to plumbing issues, more specifically (main) drain issues. problems. First and foremost, a blocked drain or leaking pipe must lead to concrete and immediate actions both on the client part and by the professional:

Signs that your main drain is having issues:

a) flushing toilets keep backing up or overflowing

b) gurgling noises (and or air bubbles) coming from the drain

c) when flushing a toilet, you get overflowing water in other equipments (bathroom sink, shower, bathtub)

d) odors and smells !

e) water puddles happen to pop-up outside the home

Proper water pressure from your water main should be between 40 and 70 PSI (pounds per square inch).  If you feel a vibration on the pipe or that once closed, there is still water coming in…it’s time to call the experts and get it replaced.

Pure Plomberie’s team of experts will handle the entire project whether it be the main drain (sewer) replacement or incoming main water line. Our excavation team will handle the delicate part of digging (and backfilling the ground) while our licensed and insured plumbers will replace the pipes and the sewer lines from inside your home and connect them to the public utility system’s.

Drain cleaning and unclogging

There are several techniques and ways to act preventively. Some of these actions can be both ecological and economical when used together.


  • Clearing drains and sewers proactively
  • Perform a Camera inspection
  • High pressure washing of the drains

Nowadays, with the appropriate equipment and the necessary expertise, our plumbing specialists can clean, repair drains and sewers. These are some examples where a plumber’s expertise is not only necessary but can provide you with a service by solving problems once and for all. After all, plumbing specialists like those at Pure Plomberie have the knowledge, tools and know-how to repair breakages and fix pipe situations.


In the end, remember that it is better to call in an expert and pay a few extra dollars to avoid damaging your pipes, which can be much more expensive than a plumber’s visit.

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