Backflow Preventer

Backflow Preventer

What is a backflow preventer?


A backflow preventer should not be confused with a check valve. The latter prevents the return of wastewater to the basement of houses. The backflow preventer targets the drinking water distribution network of a building. It also protects against backflow by reversing the direction of water flow.


The backflow preventer is a mechanism that is activated when there is a backflow. A valve system separates potentially contaminated water from drinking water in an auxiliary pipe. This prevents contact with drinking water and keeps it safe for human consumption.

What is a cross connection?


A cross connection is the risk that drinking water may encounter contaminated water (polluted, non-potable) in a plumbing installation. Owners of commercial buildings for public use are required to comply with the safety code and protect their plumbing installations from any potential risk.


Find a certified backflow preventer testers through the Registre provincial des vérificateurs de DArs. For more information on safety quality requirements: Régie du Bâtiment Québec.


Pure Plomberie provides you with its expertise in commercial plumbing in accordance with CSA B64.10 standard: “Any connection to a drinking water supply system must be protected against the dangers of contamination in accordance with CSA B64.10-01 standard(s…)” Indeed, Canadian regulations emphasize the fact that a plumbing installation, in a building or equipment intended for public use, must be maintained in good working , safety and healthy order.

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