Replacing your bathroom faucet

Installing and replacing your bathroom faucet



A fulty bathroom faucet…leaking, one drop at a time in the middle of the night…how annoying ! When all you can hear is the plouck…plouck…. plouck, it’s time to get that faucet repaired or replaced. When you don’t, everyday basic hygienic functions become altered and complicated. Damages caused by a leaking faucet quickly amount to thousands of dollars, especially should it happen during your absence. Certain parts of your faucets can be replaced and regular maintenance is always the best advice we can give our customers. Don’t wait too long or you have a geyser gushing in your bathroom or powder room.

Bathroom faucets are used by every member of the houseold and are subject to significance wear & tear by kids and teens alike.Bathroom faucets are selected based on your personal preferences in style, decorative trends and of course budgetary realities. At Pure Plomberie, although we aren’t retailers, we always go the extra mile and as such when it comes time to replace your bathroom faucet, we make your life easier and now offer you three products (kept in-stock) that offer a decent price-quality ratio.


Replacing bathroom or powder room faucets

When adding everything up, it often is wiser and logical to replace an old faucet that modifying or changing its’ various components: handle, pipe, speedway, cartridge, etc. all three proposed faucet come with the required hardware for installation.

For a quality installation, it’s recommended – even for the week-end warrior – to use the services of a certified plumber whose work is insured and guaranteed.

It takes an experienced plumber about one hour to complete this type of work.

Offered faucets suitable for bathroom and powder rooms.

Different options for budget and style, you select and we bring it, install it and test it !

Option 1: Bélanger bathroom faucet, 2 handles
Entry level: Pricing available upon request (installation not included)

Option 2: Single handle faucet by Bélanger / Quick

Mid-level: Pricing available upon request (installation not included)

Option 3: Bélanger Metro H2flo faucet

Mid-level: Pricing available upon request (installation not included)

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If you have your own and need to have a bathroom faucet installed ? Book an appointment with the pros at Pure Plomberie.