Replacing or installing a toilet and other sanitary equipment


Invented close to two hundred years ago by British Thomas Crapper in the 19th century, the modern water-powered toilet is among the basic sanitary equipment found in every home and business. Comprised of many parts: flange, ball cock, wax seal, tank, sponge gasket, etc, this equipment has a average lifespan of about 15 years thereafter, remplacing it often becomes the best economical and logical choice to make. Used on average 4 times a day by each occupant of the home, there are different models and styles for every budget.


Replacement quality toilets

At Pure Plomberie we constantly try to help our customers and make their lives easier, as such we offer you three toilet models that we keep in stock and that our team of certified plumbers can install. They provide a good price/quality ratio and are efficient. Wheter it’s for the bathroom, the half-bath or the office, a leaky or cracked toilet can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damages. Get it replaced before it’s too late.


Installing a toilet

It takes a qualified technician about two hours to properly and successfully install a toilet, you can expect about 75 $ worth of required parts. Our entry-lvel model is suitable for rental units or basement bathrooms; as for higher end models they can safely flush a dozen golf balls but we don’t recommend that you try !

You pick, we bring it


Option 1: complete toilet, Colony from American Standard
Entry level: Price available upon demand (installation not included)


Option 2: Cadet pro, right height, elongated toilet

Mid-level: Price available upon demand (installation not included)

Option 3: ideal height, elongated toilet by Champion Pro
Higher-end: Price available upon demand (installation not included)


Considering changing your toilet and perhaps adding one in the home ? Trust the experts at Pure Plomberie.