Kitchen faucet replacement and installation

Kitchen faucet replacement and installation



A faulty kitchen faucet can cause serious headaches and can become a royal pain should it start leaking when you aren’t expecting it. Daily everyday tasks will be impacted, and it might lead to serious expenses if it were to break and start leaking. You are better off replacing parts if not the entire faucet when it starts to go south, especially if it has been in use for many years.

One of the most frequently used object and equipment in the home kitchen faucets are selected based on personal taste, design styles and of course budgetary realities. At Pure Plomberie, we are always trying to make your life easier including providing different options when the time to replace your kitchen faucet comes by offering these three products that are in stock. Each of them providing a good price/quality ratio and are durability.


Replacing your kitchen faucet

Replacing a kitchen faucet that has been subject to years of wear and tear is often a sound economic decision rather than changing multiple parts: cartridge, handle, speedways, hoses, etc. Every faucet sold comes with the necessary parts required for its installation. ;

For all you Do it Yourselfers out there : for an installation that is Code-abiding: thrust a certified plumber whose work is guaranteed.

The average required time to complete an installation is approximately one hour.


We offer you 3 options for quality kitchen faucets.

Take your pick: we bring it, install it and of course test it before leaving!

Option 1: Moen Chateau, kitchen faucet with single handle, model #67425
Range: Entry level, pricing on demand (installation extra)

Robinet Chateau Moen avec poignee simple 67425


Option 2: Moen Château Moen with sprayer handle, model # 67434
Range: Entry level, pricing on demand (installation extra)

Option 3: Bélanger single-hole kitchen faucet, model # SLM78CP2
Range: Mid-level, pricing on demand (installation extra)

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